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Download Comic Revolt (r79 - 31mar16)

Go into Settings/Security and check "Unknown Sources". Download the Comic Revolt apk to the device. Open "My Files," go to SDcard/Download, and tap on ComicRevolt.apk. This opens the installer, hit install, and you're done. (Go back and un-check "Unknown Sources" before you forget. No need to run around with your pants down.) You can run the app now but it won't do anything without images ...

RELEASE NOTES: Introduced a better contrast filter. Updated all licences headers and the About dialog credits.

Download Image Zips

If you don't have your own images, download at least one of these image zips to your device. It should be in sdcard/Download. Start ComicRevolt. Hit the Unpack button -- TADA! -- zip files all unpacked to ComicRevolt/src/.

WARNING: I cannot guarantee images are license-free. I try to use only free ones. BUT I IS NOT LAWYER. So these images are for ...

*Any of these images belong to you? Just send an email that reasonably proves it's yours and I'll pull it. Easy-peasy.

Source Code

Source code for this app is available on the gnudroider site. The apk files are stored there as well. Want Comic Revolt in your own language? Translate these.

A gnudroider project built with pride by this guy.